In consideration of the complexity and the range of the legislation that regulates the various sectors of the law, in relation to the internal, as well as to the extra-border, it is already necessary to be in a constant connection with professionals who are in condition, in more and more narrow times which the modern working system induces, to formulate opinions and to assist the clients at contractual seat, or, if such is the case, at the judicial or arbitrate seat.

IKONOMI & Partners Law Firm has created solid contacts with institutions, organizations and foreign representatives, succeeding to gain such a position in order to be able to guarantee to its clients fast and effective interventions in many countries all over the world.

We are in position to support the Albanian and Foreign Investor who decide to realize their business beyond the borders of their own field of work, making available for them a specific experience and the technical competencies necessary to meet in the best possible way all of the complex phases of the process of internationalization.

The needs for consulting have been raised from the small and medium enterprises, but they were also addressed to the big companies, which are looking for an efficient legal system of advice from Albania market.

IKONOMI & Partners assists and gives legal advice and or legal or commercial studies about the use of the norms and the opportunities for International and Community financing in favor of different type of enterprises.

Some of these instruments are the legal, financial and fiscal advices for the opportunities and ideas for projects of financial nature or even purely commercial, preparation of business plans, legal assistance related to the participation at international tenders, legal advice during negotiations phase for the conclusion of contracts and agreements, consulting in the matter of national and international contracts, analyses costs-benefits, in relation of a new business plan, assistance in case of litigations, market research, research of appropriate partner(s), analysis of the risk of a country.

We are developing our knowledge and experience through our practical and focused approach in solving day-to-day challenges.

We have managed our growth so that we never compromise the quality of our services. To serve clients in these markets, we work constantly on improving our internal procedures, knowledge, and IT system.