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Address: Rr. Rruga Osman Myderizi,

Pallati 5, Hyrja 3, Ap. 31 , Tirana, Albania, 1000.

Tel: +355 684061069


When litigation before court is unavoidable, we represent clients against claims. The range of litigation issues we can handle include in court representation as per commercial, civil, employment, tax, public procurement and other administrative issues as well as representation as per foreclosure and restraint procedures.

Litigates of our offices are experienced in all major fields of litigation and at all court levels. The subject matters of past litigations have included construction, property, transportation and trade disputes. As a main principle, it is very important to us to perform our tasks speedily, efficiently and within a reasonable budget.

Besides, it is also assured a profound co-operation with the clients for the research of the means of evidence. An accurate analysis of the most favorable strategies is carried out in order to pass to the writing of the acts subsequently.

The lawyers of IKONOMI & Partners Law Firm participate, naturally, to all the audiences and assure immediate and precise information to their clients about the development of the trial.


It is also offered assistance for the search of possible consensual solutions, in the field of the negotiations conducted if necessary, and the acts of consensus and conciliation are prepared.

Litigation can be defined very simply as, the part of a solicitor’s practice that deals with court related work. This can include personal injury cases, defamation, large-scale debt collection, and much more. We understand that such cases can be very difficult for our clients and so our solicitors are always at hand to give them the best advice possible. Often a lawsuit may be necessary and, if so, we have the experience and expertise to advice clients on the best course of action.