We believe we have achieved a part of this target. We have our precious customers and now we serve them continuously and work everyday, as it is our first day.

IKONOMI & Partners is an Albanian Law Firm, which provides a full range of legal services to international and domestic corporate clients.

IKONOMI & Partners is founded and registered under the Albanian Law on Advocacy, within the Albanian Bar Association.

IKONOMI & Partners is composed of highly trained and experienced professional advocates, each dedicated specifically to an area of the Law, to give the best legal assessment and assistance. The team of three advocates, and one administrative assistant is committed to excellence and providing the best service to the clients legal needs.

IKONOMI & Partners has primary goal of continuous education and training of the members of the team on the local and international seminars, courses and workshops, keeping up to date with the changing legal environment.

IKONOMI & Partners cooperate with large number of law firms and legal associations from different cities in many countries of Europe.

IKONOMI & Partners has the expertise and experience to guide foreign enterprises through the complex government laws and approvals to establish foreign investments in Albania.

IKONOMI & Partners Law Firm is committed to providing high-quality legal service both in international and domestic practices. We provide specialized alternative legal services to well-known companies. We can assist our clients quickly and cost-effectively with prompt advice and help for operations in the countries around the world.

IKONOMI & Partners Law Firm also provides litigation services that enable our clients to seek judicial remedy for the protection of their rights and interests. These services are provided to our clients by our partner attorneys at law, which operate under our supervision.

We offer a unique combination of qualitative services on competitive prices.

The objective of the activity of IKONOMI & Partners law Firm is to supply a large range of professional services suitable to satisfy every requirement of the customer. To achieve this target, IKONOMI & Partners Law Firm counts on lawyers specialized in the various disciplines of the law: the same ones exercise judicial activity in the strict sense as well as extrajudicial activity in the sense of assistance and consulting.

 We believe that, as regard of the professional background, the key element is constituted by the diversity of the law branches in which we operate.

In this respect, we are able to mention notable successes, in far-reaching cases, in the field of the:

  • Commercial Law (preparation of by-laws for new created companies, registration process from Court to Taxation office, internal procedures preparation, corporate merger, purchases, recovery of receivables, splitting, litigation having as subject matter violation of agreement conditions between companies, the promissory note as well as other payment instruments used at national and international level);
  • Transportation Law (transportation contract preparation or reviewed, litigation regarding the road, rail, maritime, river and combined transports);
  • Labor Law, Public Administration Law (employment contract preparation, Labor Law interpretation, representation in labor litigation) as well as of the;
  •  Criminal Law (assistance in criminal proceedings and legal representation in litigation regarding economic and corruption criminal offences).
  • Investment Law.   (Investment Contract preparation and interpretation, etc.).

Moreover, we participated actively in the elaboration, assistance in negotiations as well as in following up the carrying on of the commercial sale-purchase, distribution, agency, commission, consignment, license, loan agreements, we coordinated operations of setting up and modification of the trade companies, by offering legal assistance for the participation to tenders; legal assistance with a view to obtaining endorsements, authorizations, licenses or accreditations required so that the Albanian and foreign legal persons could operate; obtaining the financing lines.

Regarding the private international law, the Lawyers of IKONOMI & Partners Law Firm are focused on considering thoroughly theoretically the issues in this field also by offering practical solutions to clients who submit for settlement to our firm, differences containing an unknown status element. Due to the necessity of some of our clients to approach issues exceeding the national borders, the partner lawyers of our firm got involved in projects aiming at international contracting agreements, international insurance contracts, projects on the international financing and the syndicated credit lines, international commercial contracts etc.

In the field of the Tax Law, we provided legal assistance and consulting to trade companies as well as legal representation to natural and legal persons in the proceedings for the challenging of State bodies’ control acts.

We had the opportunity, even from the first year of our carriers, to be in contact with law societies having a complex structure and a big number of managed cases. The activity carried out in these law societies defined out logistics and efficient principles of organizing and operating a law firm, which we believe to apply successfully.

Our customers include but not limited on production activity, services, international and domestic trade, investments, advertising, construction and engineering,

IKONOMI & Partners is proud of offering a high quality of work, proved by loyalty of our clients who always stay with us, entrusting us all of their legal worries, once they demand our services for the first time.

The constant and fast consolidation of the IKONOMI & Partners Law Firm on the country require to pay more attention and to be focused towards the problems about international and community law and business internationalization in order to comply an demanding customer need.