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Address: Rr. Rruga Osman Myderizi,

Pallati 5, Hyrja 3, Ap. 31 , Tirana, Albania, 1000.

Tel: +355 684061069


IKONOMI & Partners Law Firm provides full range of legal services with respect to real estate transactions and construction issues.  Our services include advice and assistance on:

  • Provision of legal services on ownership of title (including real estate register verification and registration);
  • Drafting and negotiating sale agreements and agreements for real estate improvement;
  • Foreign ownership regulations;
  • Tax and other aspects of property law;
  • Investment in real estates;
  • Consultation on bank loans and mortgages;
  • Mortgages and pledges on going concern with real estates included therein;
  • Property issues;
  • Restitution of land;
  • Zoning, planning, redefinition of real estate by the zoning authorities;
  • Due-diligence surveys.

IKONOMI & Partners Law Firm represents and assists owners of all types of real estate assets, investors, financiers, property developers and tenants within the practice area of purchasing and selling real estate assets, tenancy, financing and leasing back, and due diligence.


IKONOMI & Partners Law Firm is involved on a daily basis in the issues associated with the purchase, acquisition and maintenance of commercial and residential property and real estate in Albania. Our commercial clients rely on us when acquiring and disposing of their freehold and leasehold premises as the occasion arises. We assist in rent reviews, real estate investment projects and all allied areas including the dealing with State sponsored agencies and Local Authorities. We have a deep understanding of all issues of concern to persons interested in purchasing and investing in property in Albania who are located outside of the country. Our real estate practice complements the full range of assistance that we provide.

We represent our clients in all matters in relation to freehold and leasehold property, including transactions and disputes involving commercial and residential property. Many real estate issues have been parts of investment projects.